Tranquil Path

This was shot at Brookside Gardens when I was there almost a month ago. I was going to include it in a series that will be coming later this week but I really liked it as a standalone image so I am publishing it here first.

For the last few images I didn’t mask anything in. What you see is what you get (mostly) out of the camera. Granted it’s heavily edited but I didn’t go wild with masks from plug-ins. I thought the images stood on their own and it’s totally based on my whim so I kept it natural for the lack of a better word.

I went low key with this image just to offset the fact I was shooting at like 2 PM in the afternoon with the sun just blazing and the light harsh. Once I had the tone curve where I wanted it I had to move on to dodge and burn. For images like this I find myself doing a lot of adjustments simple because the time of day made the light so harsh. Plus doing a low key made some parts block up to black and I wanted to retain some of the details. As always, once I was happy I called it done.

Full resolution.


Tranquil Path


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  1. The mom said:

    I have enjoyed all of the photos from Brookside Gardens. Your photos give the viewer a feeling of being right there. It is a peaceful place. I like the reflection in the water. The walking path that one can stroll and enjoy Mother Nature at her finest. I enjoyed.

    May 19, 2016

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