Clouds In The Distance – Sunset On The Water

Long title but I think it fits. The other title would be the image that almost didn’t happen because my MacBook wasn’t booting. When it comes to tech I don’t panic and a quick boot into safe mode and disk check and a clean shutdown seemed to fix it.

This is another image from National Harbor in Maryland. For clarification, National Harbor is not Baltimore Inner Harbor. Two different places. If you know the Maryland area you would know it as Indian Head. If you had a scarred childhood of having to pick vegetables on a farm in the blazing hot Southern Sun in the Summer you would know it as Hell on Earth. Luckily they have decided on building up the area and the god forsaken farmland is gone. A wise development choice in my book.

Now that my childhood demons have been exercised I’ll move on to post processing. I may have went a tad overboard on this edit. The image came out of camera almost perfect but where is the fun of that? So I ran a lot of filters and just masked in bits here and there that I wanted. Once I was happy I called it a done.

Full resolution.


Clouds In The Distance

One thought on “Clouds In The Distance – Sunset On The Water”

  1. The Sunset over the river is very nice. The darkness is descending and the clouds are trying to stop the sun from placing beautiful colors in the sky. The Sun fooled the clouds and peeked through to make a reflection in the River. Sun rises are beautiful and so are sunsets. The skies are like a canvas that are brought to life for all of us to enjoy! I enjoyed.

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