A Quiet Spot

This one is from Brookside Gardens. I have a thing for benches. They give the illusion of quiet but I had to rush the shot before some family or other person would wander into the frame. It wasn’t the easiest place to shoot on a busy Sunday with lots of families out enjoying the weather.

Lots going on in this photo and I almost didn’t make it. You can see where I rushed the shot if you look close enough but it’s nice enough to share out. The thing that bothered me the most was the pink flowers which look blown out. I saw another photographer’s shot who is anal beyond belief about light and he had the same flowers. His were blown out from Sun and the light look extremely similar to what I was shooting under. So taking that under consideration I figured the camera did meter correctly. I did slip some filters in to bring out various features with the final one a luminosity mask on the bench to bring out its details. Really, if you don’t know how to mask in Photoshop it’s a skill you should learn because it will enable you to do almost anything.

Full resolution.


A Quiet Spot

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  1. Brookside Gardens is a real treasure. You choose such nice spots. I love the photo. This park bench just invites one in to sit and enjoy Mother Nature at her finest. It is the perfect Spring Day to take a walk in the park. I enjoyed!

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