This is some piece of art that is installed at the National Harbor. It’s mainly used as a play area for kids as they climb all over it and play in the sand that was installed to hold the statue. When I took this shot the park police had closed it down for the night so I was able to get a clear shot of the statue without lots of kids running around.

Not sure how I feel about the edit. I have been struck down with some virulent form of man flu that has seen me barely leave the safety of my sick bed. The weird thing is I have no idea how I caught it but it has laid me low. So when it came time to edit I was leaning towards not doing one. I knew I wanted something quick and easy and I knew when I took this shot it was going to be monochrome. Did the conversion in Lightroom then brought it into Photoshop and added the curves adjustment and dodging and burning. Then I started to play with filters till I said enough and my sick bed called once again. Sounds like a lot but honestly was done in 15 min.

Full resolution.




  1. The mom said:

    I do like the effort you took to give us a picture. I would have loved it even more if it had color. I don’t remember this park. It is really a neat park. The man coming out of the ground is eerie and fun. I am sure the kids imagination take that a long way. The pavilion, I can not see what is inside of it. I do see a ship docked and I love the ice cream man with his sign selling Ben and Jerry. I kept a copy for my photo display. Feel better!

    May 10, 2016

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