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I had a choice to make recently. I debated on going into Washington, DC and doing some architectural photography but the weather has been horrible. As the day cleared up I wasn’t feeling Washington, DC. I was leaning towards more couch bonding time but then it popped into my head National Harbor. It was 5 PM so I knew I would get sunset and night shots in. So packed up my Sony A7R (my landscape/travel camera) along with my Sony 24-240, Tokina 29-35, and the new Voigtlander 15mm and off I went.

I spent nearly 3 hours there just shooting happily. I love landscape/travel photography because it’s just me and my tripod. In this case, also few thousand of my closest friends who also were enjoying the break in the weather. The highlight of the trip was watching some high school prom board a river cruise ship for their prom. I was highly amused by the selfies and photos being taken by the ladies while the guys tried to look “cool”  standing to the side while looking very uncomfortable in tuxes.

This image was shot on the Gaylord Hotel area of National Harbor. I was shooting other stuff and I saw this couple grab the chairs that I had moved early and sit down facing the sky wheel thing. I immediately spun the tripod around and setup for the shot. Since they were enjoying the view I was able to do a few frames so I could make sure I got the shot.

Lots going on editing wise. Once I did the base edits it was filter time. I went through a few of them and one of the newer tricks I am learning is putting in HDR elements without making the entire image HDR. Normally with HDR you use 3 images shot to create the HDR. With using one image you get a similar effect but without some of the HDR weirdness that happens. Plus you can cherry pick the areas you want using layer masks. I am very happy with how this one came out. I would highly recommend getting the full resolution when I link it. It’s worth looking at.

Full resolution.




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  1. The mom said:

    I like the photo very much. Everything about the photo is pleasant to look at. The photo reminds me of a painting you may find at a store. The people sitting taking in the sun set, makes the photo more like a painting. I love the mirror image in the pool of water. There is nothing that you could dislike about this one. I enjoyed. Very nice.

    May 9, 2016

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