Two From the Dome

This is Baltimore City Hall building which I just like for some reason. When I was in Baltimore last month I took a couple snaps of it just because I find it interesting.

I used my Canon S100 for these shots. One of the issue with a 2/3″ sensor camera is that image degrades quickly. It’s just the nature of the sensor which is similar to a cell phone sensor. I still haven’t mastered the editing of these files but I’m working on it. So keeping that in mind I tried to be as simple as possible in the edits while keeping as much details as possible.


Baltimore City Hall Dome IMG_0927-ICBaltimore City Hall Dome

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  1. The mom said:

    I find your photos very interesting and did some background info on it. You state you just like it. Well so do I but I know I love old architecture. You may be attracted by it as well. Baltimore’s City Hall was built in 1867 and the architectural style is French Renaissance Revival. In 1974, the city voted to renovate the old city hall rather than build a new one. There is a lot more history on Baltimore’s City Hall online. These older buildings have character where new ones have nothing but metal and glass. I loved the photos.

    May 8, 2016

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