The Entrance

Not sure what this is called. I heard some people calling it the tea house but I didn’t go into it because it was a confined space and I had my tripod. Plus I liked the look of the outside and I can always go back for another run through the Brookside Gardens hopefully when it’s less crowded and I have some better light.

When I was editing this I just thought monochrome for the image. There wasn’t a lot of color other than some shade of green and I really wanted the wood texture to pop. So once I did the usual adjustments I brought it into Tonality CK and started playing with sliders from some preset until I was happy. Then a bit more dodging and burning and called it done.

Full resolution.



One thought on “The Entrance”

  1. Your photo is interesting. The structure brings to mind an Asian theme and that I would think, would work with a tea house. It is similar to a photo you took at the Epcot Center. This one is simply and natural. It is very nice. I enjoyed. Would love to see it in color.

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