Easy Like Sunday Morning

I won’t give points for knowing the song that the title came from since almost everyone on earth knows it. I will say I was not listening to the Commodore’s version but instead Faith No More’s version of it. Blame that on a show called the Corridor of Covers and the theme for that one was 80’s Pop Music. My friend Eric who has an unhealthy obsession with Mike Patton had the Faith No More version played at his wedding. He will like this when I post it on Facebook simply because of the title and Faith No More.

The truth of the photo was it was really shot in the afternoon but Easy Like Sunday Afternoon doesn’t work.

Lots going on in this image. I lost count of gradients and the amount of dodging and burning I had to do. Then I started throwing filters on using Nik ColorEfx to remove the nuclear green and some other issues. After that I went into Macphun’s Intensify CK just to bring out some details in the water because I roll that way. The only thing I didn’t like is the sky color and I mention it because it irritated me. I tried to bring it inline with what I think I saw but I guess the camera knows better and the weird blue/grey/whatever is how it is.

Full resolution.


Easy Like Sunday Morning

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  1. The mom said:

    I love the photo. Kept a copy for my display. You captured the essence of the meaning of Spring! I do not believe any other season is as beautiful as Spring. The colors of the trees and flowers are just delicate but bold. I guess I think Spring is the best because with Winter, all of nature sleeps and then Spring makes us all smile with her beauty and come alive. It does raise our Spirits. The park is a treasure. I do love the gazebos. I enjoyed.

    May 3, 2016

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