Leading Shadows

I have no idea what this structure is but the shadows it was casting looked cool and then when the two ladies appeared while I was shooting I just went with it. Normally I try and avoid people in my photos but I am increasingly seeing the benefit of them as it gives a human element to the photos so if I am shooting and someone walks into the frame I will see if they work and if not I’ll just wait for them to clear the frame.

Not much going on here edit wise. Usual gradients to get the light down to where I wanted and then a tone curve. Follow all that up with some dodging and burning. I am finding with the Nikon D810 I am less inclined to add filters because the camera has so much resolution that I don’t want to lose that with layering filters on top of it.

Full resolution.


Leading Shadows

One thought on “Leading Shadows”

  1. I like the photo. Would like to know where it is located? In the city or a park? The structure is an arbor. It is put there to support the vining trees and/or shrubs so they do not block the path and also provide shade in the heat of the day once the plants are in full bloom. The tree could be a Wisteria which are beautiful but it does need an arbor for it to climb to show all of its beauty. The shadows is the sun’s way of drawing what it sees onto the pathway. Very nice. I enjoyed.

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