It’s been rainy here in the Washington DC area along with temperature swings. Nothing like wearing shorts one day and needing a light jacket the next. Still, I walk to work and I usually have a camera or two with me. I figured with the rain I might as well use my Olympus TG-4 in the rain. So while walking in I took a few shots just to make the trip more interesting.

One of the issues with any 2/3″ inch sensor is that resolution isn’t there when you start looking at the images in 100%. Even shooting in RAW you need to be very careful about processing because the image will go to crap quickly. With these images I knew they would be monochrome because the light was horrible at best considering ti was raining and grey out. So I used Macphun’s Tonality CK to do the conversion and little else.



One thought on “Wet”

  1. Your photos are whimsical. I can not identify what I am looking at in your first photo. Your walk to work does not reflect your surroundings knowing where you are. So you have to answer questions for me. The photo reflecting the sky and the high rise appears as if you took the photo through the eyes of the puddle. A reflection. It be pretty neat if that is so. The poor tulip would look so much prettier if she was in color but it is a gloomy day and I get the black and white. Fun shots. I enjoyed.

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