Down The Creek

This was shot at Brookside Gardens on one of the many streams that seem to be all over the place. I just took a wander off the path and setup my tripod for some shots. In this case I had the tripod close to the ground by just extending the legs out because I’m lazy and don’t feel like adjusting them 15 times just to get low. The only downside to this is I am using to flip screens on cameras and sadly the Nikon D810 doesn’t have that.

I went low key for this image and then a bit of dodging and burning. I then brought it into Macphun’s Intensify CK and ran a filter through it. Slapped on a layer mask and painted in what I wanted and happily got it to where I wanted it. I felt the 2.4:1 ratio made it look cooler so went with that. Then I called it done.

Full resolution.


Down The Creek

One thought on “Down The Creek”

  1. I love your photo of the little stream. I think little streams are interesting. This stream looks as if it would go dry in the heat of the summer if it did not receive a lot of rain. I am sure it is home to tadpoles. Tadpoles are very interesting. I used to see the birth of many tadpoles in WV where streams would run after the snow left the mountain. Spring is so beautiful. I miss it a lot in Florida. The true Spring is when the trees and the flowers awaken after a cold winter. It is the awaking of Mother Nature to show her spender after a long Winter nap. I enjoyed your photo and have a copy for my display.

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