Bridge Over A River Of Light

This is another image I shot while I was in Washington DC for work. Again, the road below is Rock Creek Parkway and I have no idea what the other bridge is nor the street. My sense of direction is what you call lacking. A friend of mine commented that my new tattoo which is of a compass likely won’t help me much. I have such kind and supporting friends. Not.

This image is a composite of two images. They just happened to be at different exposures so I edited them for one darker than the other then did a blend in Photoshop. Once I got the various pieces of the two photos I wanted it was time to start playing with light. A lot of dodging and burning in the image to get the trees exposed to where I wanted them. Then it was filter time. I used Macphun’s Intensify to mask in more bits I wanted. Once I had that it was time for Nik’s Color Efex to bring the tones to something more natural. After that I ran Nik’s Sharpening filter just as a change of pace. I highly recommend looking at the full resolution image which has Nik’s Sharpening applied to it. I don’t sharpen the image that I post here simply because I decrease the image size and that has its own sharpening applied to it. So to do sharpening after the resize was causing weird sharpening halos. Hence, the full resolution is where the magic happens. I post the smaller one here for most people.

Full resolution.


Bridge Over A River Of Light

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  1. The mom said:

    I like the photo. Have been to parts of Rock Creek Park many years ago. It is nature at its finest in the Metropolitan DC area. I researched the park, since I am a curious person and there are many bridges. How small or large they are, just depends on were you are. The largest one, which carries traffic from the Lincoln Memorial and Arlington Memorial Bridge north to a junction with Beach Drive near Connecticut Avenue at Calvert Street, NW, just south of National Zoo, Taft Bridge, also know as the Connecticut Avenue Bridge or William Howard Taft Bridge, it is a historic bridge. The photographer will know if this is correct since he was there to take the great photo. I enjoyed the photo.

    April 23, 2016

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