So I will annouce that I have a new camera. This image seems to be appropriate for my thinking in purchasing it it. I was going through photography stuff on eBay and I’ll be honest, I have been considering moving to full frame again beyond my Sony A7R. So I saw a listing for a Nikon D810 that was being sold in Canadian dollars so I took a look. At the bottom the seller said he was selling all his Nikon gear and contact him about making a reasonable offer. So I did. After some haggling between the two of us we struck a deal that was mutually beneficial to both of us. I got a Nikon D810, Nikon 16-35mm 4.0, Nikon 70-200 4.0, Sigma 24-105 4.0 Art all for an insanely low price in US dollars. He got to sell it all and convert it back into Canadian so he ended up ahead as well. So it was a no-brainer in the end.

The gear got stuck in customs in San Francisco for a few weeks but it finally arrived and I took a trip to the National Portrait Gallery in Washington DC. I have lots of images from this and it was my first time shooting with the D810 and the first time in 3 years that I used an optical viewfinder. Still I had an amazing time shooting with the camera. It has a steep learning curve but even this image shot at ISO 1600 with the lens wide up and me winging it the resolution is fantastic.

Full resolution.



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  1. The mom said:

    Thinking is a good title for this photo. Don’t know the statue of the thinking lady. She looks like she is in a gallery.

    April 22, 2016

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