I just looked at the tree and I thought it looked lonesome hence the title for this one. It was shot at the Manassas Battlefield and I believe the tree is a marker for something or there is a grave there. I can say this because there was a small sign next to the tree. I might have accidently removed said sign from the image because It just didn’t much for me.

I knew when I took the image it was going to end up in monochrome. I did the square crop because I wanted the focus to be on the tree. The right bias draws the eye to the tree. I then did a couple of curve adjustments to get contrast back into the image. Once I had that I did the conversion using Tonality CK then played with the settings to get it to where I wanted. In the end I’m happy.

Double bonus points if you can figure out where I removed two people walking the trail with bunny ears. The image was shot on Easter.

Full resolution.



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  1. The mom said:

    Manassas Battleground is a sad reminder of the men who lost their lives in this battle. I guess the black and white depict it better than bold color.

    April 22, 2016

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