Blossoms For A Foodie

This will be the last cherry blossom related image I believe. This was the last image I shot form the excursion and I was happily at my car. I believe the building in the image is part of the United States Department of Agriculture on Independence Ave. but I could be horribly wrong but I will blame Google Maps since it’s where I looked.

In DC the food trucks are common now and they seem a popular choice for people who work in the city. While I live and work in an urban area I don’t live and work in DC. I did the working thing in DC for a few years and wasn’t a fan. We also didn’t have food trucks back then either. They are a relatively recent phenomenon. I have walked past a few in operation and they do smell good so one of these days I’ll partake. Considering I have eaten off of food carts in developing nations I can’t see a food truck as a dietary risk.

Straight up editing here. Nothing fancy. Most of the heavy lifting done in Photoshop. Lots of dodging and burning and thats about it.

For those of you looking for the full resolution image it will be posted later. I have preloaded this post as I will be out of town doing the Baltimore Tattoo Convention so just preloading the post up. Once I’m home I’ll link to the full resolution image.

Full resolution.


Blossoms For A Foodie

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  1. The mom said:

    I like the photo! You not only get great food, I am sure; but they have added beautiful flowers behind it. I have liked the food trucks I have tried. We have them in SW Florida. I like the diversity of food your trucks offer. Indonesian, Moroccan, and Crab Cakes. We have Mexican, Cuban, American, TexMex plus others. I would like to taste Indonesian and Moroccan. If you ate off a cart in a foreign country, I would think these would be a step up. You will have to try one!

    April 17, 2016

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