Keeping Time

Not sure what this building is. I am sure its apart of the original Smithsonian Institute stuff because of the date of the building but I honestly have no idea what it is. I know next to is is the National Holocaust Museum. I shot it from 14th Street as I was walking back to my car with my barely functioning hands as they were frozen. I just liked the light that was being cast on it as the sun really started to finally rise. The time on the clock is accurate of the time I took the picture.

Nothing fancy going on here editing wise. I did try this as a low key image but it crushed the blues in the sky to some weird color and it wasn’t going to be a natural blue no matter what. I went for the weird crop size because my tripod wasn’t level and I was shooting in a hurry because my fingers were so cold that I could barely even get the camera to a semi-level position. So I had Camera Raw handle the level for me. The issue is it just leaves white space but I think the crop works.

Full resolution here.


Keeping Time

3 thoughts on “Keeping Time”

  1. I like your photo. The architecture of the building is old and they have character. I was going to tell you the name of the building but someone beat me. You also never said the National Holocaust Museum was part of the Smithsonian, you said the building was next to the National Holocaust Museum. If you have not visited the museum, it is something we should never forget, so it does not happen again. I encourage all to make a visit while touring the DC area. I enjoyed!

  2. Not part of the Smithsonian, even though I agree that it looks like it should be. The US Forest Service is in that building.

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