Walk on the Mild Side

Walk on the Mild Side

I attended a birthday celebration on Tuesday and since it was close to where I live I tossed my Canon S100 in my pocket and walked up to the restaurant. Along the way I saw that some of the tulips survived so I figured I might as well take some shots. Hence the title, walk on the mild side since it wasn’t so wild and crazy other than some tulip photography. I did throw in one shot off my Sony RX100 that I took on the way home from work but its still a tulip so might as well toss it in.

Nothing fancy here. Just straight up flower edits making the colors look good. I do find myself using Photoshop to add a bit more punch through the tone curve then dodging and burning in lab mode. That way I preserve the color I got in Lightroom and just enhance it.

Full resolution here.


Walk on the Mild SideWalk on the Mild SideWalk on the Mild SideWalk on the Mild Side

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  1. I love the Tulips and Jonquils! The cold weather you had did not bother them. Wish I could grow them here, along with many of my WV flowers I so enjoyed. Keep taking those flower power photos. They are very nice.

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