Tidal Blossoms

I am pushing the envelope on what I’ll accept for some of these images. The issue when I shot the cherry blossoms there was wind so that meant they are motion blurred. There was no way I could push the shutter speed up fast enough to freeze it while keeping my ISO low enough to capture the ambient light. Still, the idea of the blossoms are there. I also noticed that I was very much into the Jefferson Memorial. Technically it sits on the Virginia side of the river and not in DC but who knows where the boundary lies.

I went for a very cinematic crop mainly to get ride of some stuff that didn’t add anything to the image, like the rail that showed up. It also gives you a more expansive feeling of the tidal basin area. Nothing fancy editing wise. I will admit to a lot of dodging and burning to get things to where I wanted them along with gradients to focus light.

Full resolution available here.


Tidal Blossoms

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  1. Your photo is very pretty. All areas bring out the best of the Sky, water and the lovely Cherry Tree blossoms. Only distractor is the people. I know they came to see the famous Cherry Blossoms

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