Cherry Blossom and the Monument

Not sure how I feel about this image. To be honest I’m tired which isn’t the best time to edit a photo but I liked it enough to attempt it. The weird color difference in the Washington Monument isn’t the camera’s meter doing something funky, the Washington Monument is two different colors. I believe it has to do with the repairs that were required after it was damaged in an earthquake (ironically enough I was in California when that happened).

Nothing much fancy here. I had to use a lot of graduated filters to get the light down because I was shooting just as the sun had come up and cherry blossoms play havoc with sensor. Mix that with all the other light going on and it was a recipe for some weird metering. Plus me being tired hasn’t helped.

Full resolution here.


Cherry Blossom and the Monument

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  1. The mom said:

    This is a truly beautiful photo. The Cherry Blossoms in full bloom, the green grass, the trees on the right not yet awake. The sky with the beautiful blue but a peak of red at the bottom. I have saved a copy of this one. Very nice.

    April 10, 2016

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