Blossoms On The Water

Behold! There are cherry blossoms! Along with a plethora of people who clearly did not recognize that a my presence was there and needed to get the hell out of my frame. Then again, I was across the water from them so they likely didn’t pick me out from the plethora of people on my side of the water either.

These trees were on the Virginia side of the Potomac river. I was shooting from the DC side. It really doesn’t matter because the entire tidal basin is surrounded by the trees so you can shoot on either side.

Not much going on in this image. I did my edits. Did a bit of cropping. I did play around in Nik ColorEfx for a bit but nothing major. Since there was wind that day and even when it wasn’t gusting there was a slight breeze so there is a slight motion blur. Still, the effect of the blossoms are there.

Full resolution here.


Blossoms on the Water

One thought on “Blossoms On The Water”

  1. You say not much going on in the picture. I think not. Spring has come forth in the Metropolitan area! The Cherry Blossom around the Title Basin are so beautiful. The grass growing with the dandelions and the Forsythia are some of the first sign of Spring, I remember in the Metropolitan area. No matter where you drive in that area it is full of beautiful trees and flowers. It is very nice. I always enjoy the flowers. Send more!

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