Dancing Lights

This is another long exposure of the Jefferson Memorial that I captured while I was on the Washington DC Tidal Basin shooting the cherry blossoms that I admittedly haven’t edited.

I didn’t post process this much in Photoshop. I just went with what I felt looked right in Lightroom and said it works and left it alone. I did dodge and burn a bit and did the sharpening in the full resolution there and then the downsizing and watermark on the one you see here. I really recommend checking out the full resolution image because its pretty cool!

Full resolution is here.


Dancing Lights

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  1. The mom said:

    Photo of Jefferson Memorial is very nice. Every detail is perfect. It does appear as if the Memorial is set in the water but we know it isn’t. The water with the reflection of the light is very nice. This shot, I like better than the first one. Apple Blossoms would be nice to see!

    April 6, 2016

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