Dawns Morning Light

I want to say that it Crystal City in the background of this image. Not sure what the bridge is. I was shooting from the Washington DC side of the Potomac. I liked how the city was framed by the Cherry Blossoms and the bridge was centered along with the water going smooth because of the long exposure.

The more I edit out the images with the Sony 24-240 the more I love that lens for travel and landscape photography. It nearly is one lens to rule them all. I might just weld it onto the camera. It’s just that versatile.

There are two versions of this image. The one you see here which has a Macphun’s Intensify CK and the full resolution on Flickr which is just straight sharpening. The full resolution was just too muddy for lack of better words with the filter applied. There is very little difference but enough that I took it off.

Here is the full resolutionRealized I linked to the same photo as here. So I updated it.



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  1. The mom said:

    Dawns Morning Light is a very nice shot. I do not know the location or the name of the bridge. I love the Spring Trees in bloom along the shore line and the river just rolling along as the sky gives way to dawn. I am not in love with modern buildings but must say, all together it presents a nice photo.

    April 2, 2016

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