The Tree

This was taken at the Manassas Battlefield. I just liked how the tree was all by itself. I believe it is a memorial tree but don’t quote me. After a week at work the memory gets a bit foggy. With the light and the house and the Blue Ridge Mountains in background it really made for a nice picture.

There was some post processing going on here mostly just curve adjustments. I went for a low key image to keep the moon and the colors. Bit of a dodge and burn and overall very happy with how it came out. I am really impressed with how the Sony A7R and the Sony 24-240 worked together to give me the images for this week.

The full size is available on Flickr.



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  1. The mom said:

    Your morning photos have been very nice. I believe I will always like the country to the city to live. I have had that opportunity and learned a lot and although it is harder, it was worth it. You do see so much of nature untouched by man. The photo reminds me of farm land with a field ready to plow. A long tree in the middle of the field stands to give the birds and animals somewhere to roost or live under. The farm house in the distance. It is the perfect photo of so many homesteads in rural Virginia and West Virginia. I enjoyed.

    April 1, 2016

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