Morning Cherry Blossoms

The sun has just risen and it was effectively daylight when I shot this picture of the cherry blossoms. The moon was still in the sky and it was originally in this image but I had to take it out just because it was so bright it didn’t blend into the rest of the image. Use your imagination and visualize it between the two trees. That’s where it originally was.

One of the joys of doing any type of nature photography is you are at that mercy of nature. In this case there was wind so there is motion blur in this image. Nothing I can do about it so I worked with it the best I could. I ran a few filters to bring out the color in the blossoms and then left it as is. If I did any dodging of the tree it looked very unnatural so I just left it alone.

I’ll upload the full size to Flickr for viewing but not 100% sure about the quality of it.




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  1. The mom said:

    Very pretty Cherry Blossoms. I believe this is one of the first sign of Spring in Washington, DC. I remember the trees that were planted along the Parkway and Beltway in the Spring. The colors made the ride more doable. Sky appears to not want to wake. Not much of a display behind those really nice trees. I enjoyed!

    March 31, 2016

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