Rider At Dawn

I shot two locations over the weekend. The Tidal Basin in Washington, DC and Manassas Battlefield in Manassas, Virginia. After I shot the moon I saw this statue when I arrived. What you see is roughly what I saw when I turned my attention that way. My first thought was what the hell is the rider doing there but then it dawned on me it was a statue of a Civil War soldier. I didn’t read the plaque that was near the statue because it was too dark and when I was packing up to go I forgot to go back and check it.

This will likely be the only color image from this series as the day turned grey on me. It said partly cloudy in the forecast but it went full cloudy. Still, this shot made it worth going out there for.

This image is more or less straight out of the camera. I added a gradient to blacken the grass a bit but that’s it. Not even sharpened, I just gave it a minor unsharpen mask to give a bit more color separation. The light trail behind the tree is a plane taking off. I debated on fixing it but I liked it so it stayed.


The full resolution will be on Flickr.

Rider At Dawn


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  1. The mom said:

    Very nice photo! I kept a copy. The camera sees, I believe, more than we as humans do during the course of our day. I know that is the reason I like the photos so much. I try to concentrate on detail of the outside world that is so many colors but we go about our business and never notice the beauty of our natural surroundings. The morning and night sky are real show-offs.

    March 30, 2016

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