Transition to Dawn

I have been doing early morning shoots which means getting up something on the lines of ass o’clock (recognized time) in the morning to get to where I need to go so I can get my shots. I have been all over the last few days shooting just shooting and then heading home and taking much needed naps so I can be fresh for World Cup and Olympic Qualifies along with Euro 2016 friendlies (football matches for the unknowing).

This shot was taken just as I set the camera on the tripod and got my remote shutter and level cube thing on it. I looked up and saw the sky and thought why not fire off a shot and see how it comes out. I had nothing better to do at that moment. It was around 6:30 in the morning and the sky was just starting to lighten up and there was very little ambient light were I was.

The moon is a bit hot in the image. I get it. Moon shooting is hard and I have only gotten a few shots off of the Moon. The moon really screws with the cameras metering and I tend to leave it in spot meter so it may help out if I switched it to another mode. Still, I liked the image.

Ran it through Photoshop then went into Intensify FX and just started stacking filters until I got something I liked it. Not a world class photo but a cool looking one. Plus its proof that I can drag my ass out of bed at 5 AM to get to some place to do sunrise photos!



One thought on “Transition to Dawn”

  1. I like the early morning sky with the moon with its haze around it. The sky with the morning colors which appear pink but probably are light gray for the clouds. Morning sky is beautiful when the big sun comes over the horizon and its time for the moon to the other side. Nice.

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