Prague Reimaged – Part 2

This is actually the second batch I started with the part 1 post. There were so many images to edit that I could not do it in one sitting. I just went through just a day in the Lightroom catalogue and started the basic editing then exported them into Photoshop. These images weren’t shot in one day but I know I screwed up the catalogue when I switched machines years ago.

Apologies in advance again for some of the picture quality of these images. It was more about feeling and a sense of being than technical accuracies. I was still new at photography and wasn’t even remotely where I am at now. So the old Program Mode and let the camera handle everything seemed brilliant at the time. It also didn’t help I knew nothing of framing, light, and so on. That and I wasn’t what you called that thrilled to be in Prague.

Editing wise this has been a challenge to try and extract a useable image. There was a lot of time doing subtle edits to these images in both Lightroom and Photoshop. Normally Photoshop gets the heavier lifting but Lightroom did a lot of the base edits this time before I started the tone curves and dodge and burning in Photoshop.

Enjoy Prague again!

IMG_7033 IMG_6953 IMG_6949 IMG_6890 IMG_6852 IMG_6843 IMG_6826 IMG_6819 IMG_6786 IMG_6706 IMG_6703 IMG_6661 IMG_6563 IMG_6552 IMG_6519 IMG_6502 IMG_6459 IMG_6425

One thought on “Prague Reimaged – Part 2”

  1. I like the photos very much. The buildings are so regal. They look like they were build to last a million years. I do not know the people of Prague. Don’t know if they are really strong people and the houses are a reflection of the people. The architecture is nice. I would like to see inside the house and shops. Looks like a very interesting place to visit.

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