Prague Reimaged – Part 1

I went to Prague I think in 2011 but not 100% sure without checking my old passport. It seems about right but I honestly don’t know because I switch computers and the library’s got slightly messed up. Still the images are older and shot with the long gone Canon XSi. I believe all the images also were shot using a Tamron 18-200 lens which was absolute crap. Not all lenses are created equal and that lens wasn’t even up to standard then.

I always wanted to go back and redo these images as I just never did them justice. I wasn’t interested in Prague. I regret that somewhat but I am not what you call a fan of Europe. When I found South East Asia, Europe became a non-entity to me. While its generalist and wrong I stand by the phrase you seen one European capital city you seen them all. I get that if you dig deeper not true but when I went I did so to fulfill a promise.

When I was out and about I just left the camera in Program Mode and shot in Jpeg. I just didn’t care that much. You can tell by some of these images that that I just didn’t care with framing and shot selection. Some have focus issues with the camera and the lens just being absolute garbage. Still, I felt that since my editing has come a long way during that time they deserved some love. Not sure how many will make it out of this because I honestly haven’t looked. It also gives me time to practice some of the stuff I have learned in regards to image recovery and so on. I also get to keep shooting and archiving other stuff so I have a large back catalogue to work off of.

So enjoy Prague and ignore the minor issues and just soak it atmosphere!

IMG_5120 IMG_5300 IMG_5304 IMG_5311 IMG_5365 IMG_5412 IMG_5490 IMG_5593 IMG_6130 IMG_6138 IMG_6147 IMG_6229-Edit IMG_6271 IMG_6289 IMG_6299 IMG_6312 IMG_6316 IMG_6322 IMG_6330



  1. Very nice photos! I like the architecture and old-school cable cars.

    March 21, 2016

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