Fallen and Broken

Finally home after 6 glorious (not) nights in a hotel 15 minutes from my apartment. So close yet so far away. It’s good to be back on my own editing rig. While I had use of a 23″ monitor it was a pain to use. So the first thing I did after dumping my luggage was hook up my laptop again.

This is an older photo I found while looking for some other images. No idea why I never published it. Who knows what was going through my mind but its a very cool image. I really wanted the wood to pop and stand out from all the green in the leaves around the fallen tree.

Editing I did the usual but added a luminosity mask to sharpen things up and make the greens a bit brighter forcing the attention (least in my opinion) to the fallen tree. Did some sharpening to make that stand out and I’m happy.


Fallen and Broken

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  1. The mom said:

    I like Fallen and Broken. The woods are full of these broken rotted tree limbs. They serve a purpose to many that call the woods their home. Rotted trees service as shelter and food because they are home to many bugs in and under the tree part. A walk in the woods is time to explore.

    March 20, 2016

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