Details In Abstract – Part 1

When I originally went to the US Botanic Gardens I went to shoot the leaves and other interesting non-flower bits. I knew it would be in monochrome and in an abstract type way. When you shoot monochrome you bring out the features that often aren’t visible in color.

Post processing these images was done as usual. Moved them into Photoshop and went from there. I really tried to highlight the features of each image to and let it speak for itself.


Details In AbstractDetails In AbstractDetails In AbstractDetails In AbstractDetails In Abstract


  1. The mom said:

    You photos are all about texture. It is true you can see the details of the flowers in black and white instead of colors. The plants you observed are plants you can see their details whether in color or black and white. I for one do not see a flower for its texture but for its beauty. Mother Nature knows how to make all different, interesting flowers.

    March 15, 2016
  2. opreach said:

    Love these, especially the second from the top! ????

    March 15, 2016

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