Getting Nautical

Getting Nautical

Wasn’t much in the mood for editing anything today. Sometimes its a struggle to sit in front of the screens and go through images. I just was going through my Thailand shots which always makes me happy and I found these. Was just going to do one image but I figured why not do 4 because its Thailand and I miss it. Then again, it was like 34C when I shot these images and I was sweating to death so I don’t miss that but the rest I do!

Nothing fancy on the edits. Just ran through Photoshop and then dodge and burn as needed. I did low key the images so I didn’t put the tone curve in Lab mode.

All were shot my Sony RX100.


Getting NauticalGetting NauticalGetting NauticalGetting Nautical

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  1. The boat photos are fun. The Thai people do love their bright colors. It may be hot but it does look like a pretty day to be on the water.

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