Verdant Green

Returning to Thailand for this image. After so many days of doing series I need a break to just edit one photo.

This was shot in my favorite temple in Thailand and not the Thai temple but the Chinese temple that is rarely visited. You get the entire place to yourself because the tour buses are dumping the people at the Thai area with a giant Buddha. The Thai’s also head that way except those of Chinese decent which is why this temple is here. You get a few Chinese-Thai but for the most part it’s very quiet.

This image is a composite of 5 separate images. Once I got them aligned I did my curves adjustment and then dodged and burned. Ran it through Intensify CK to bring out some details then did a bit of color correction and called it a day.



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  1. The mom said:

    Very interesting photo. This seems like a strange temple. It looks as if it is all in water. Would like to know a little of history of the Chinese Thai temple. The temple does not have the carvings like the Thai temples have.

    March 12, 2016

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