Four From The River

These are shots from the San Antonio River Walk. One of my favorite bands was playing there and they were posting images on Instagram so I figured why not see what I never published. Turns out it was a lot!

These images were shot on the river boat cruise I took with someone I work with. We may have been imbibing frosty cold adult beverages as we were on the cruise but the images turned fine for the most part. I blame any blur or shake on camera malfunction not on the frost cold adult beverages.

One of the reasons I have so many unpublished shots is I was hot and heavy into HDR and was learning how to do it at that moment. So shots that weren’t for HDR I just never really bothered with. Now I can switch between HDR and non-HDR images without much issue. I also have even within the span of a year really progressed with my Photoshop skills so I can go back and work on images I just didn’t know how to process before without looking like crap.

The newest thing I am learning now is using a Wacom Tablet. I have had it but I never really used it. I would use my mouse for the masking and dodge/burn work I did. I am finding I have far more control when I use the pen and tablet. This is allowing me to create stronger images but it slows me down as I learn to control the pen within Photoshop.


Four From The RiverFour From The River Four From The RiverFour From The River

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  1. The mom said:

    I like the photos and enjoyed all of the photos earlier on the San Antonio River Walk. If I ever visited the area, I would certainly would like to enjoy the San Antonio River Walk.

    February 16, 2016

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