Titanic Memorial

I had no idea there was a Titanic Memorial on the Washington Waterfront. I happened to see the statue as I was walking along and shooting and I just liked the way it looked from a distance. Reminded me of Christ the Redeemer in Brazil. When I got up closer I could read the inscription which is dedicated to the men that gave their lives so that women and children could live.

I know I went HDR happy with this one and I know I pushed pixels past breaking point but I just think it added to the image instead of detracting. It makes it much more dramatic then it would have been otherwise. I still may do a “normal” edit on the image but for now I am sticking with the super HDR version.


Titanic Memorial

One thought on “Titanic Memorial”

  1. You photo is very nice but also educational. I never knew there was a statue dedicated to the men who lost their life in the sinking of the Titanic on the waterfront. The setting sun and sky are very beautiful behind the statue. Very nice.

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