Remnants of Snow

To prove that I am surviving in subarctic conditions here in DC I wanted to offer visual proof of the horrid weather conditions I toil through on a daily basis. There are still remnants of snow on the ground! This validates my claims that it is subarctic here.

To be really honest I liked the Sun setting in the background with the boats at dock. Interestingly enough people were going to and from their boats and I saw several houseboats that looked to be in use year round. If you are curious about the sign handing from the railing it basically says clean up your dog poop and use common sense when on the dock.

I did a quick HDR conversion and masked in 3 different layers to get the image where I wanted it. Then I bit of dodging and burning. One of the things I did different was use another monitor to straighten the images. I kept noticing on one monitor it was straight on others not so much. So I’m hoping that the problem is solved. If not I’m going to have to crack open my 27″ iMac and do some upgrades on it to get it working again so I can use one screen for my editing.


Remnants of Snow

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  1. The mom said:

    Love the photo and your comments. Very funny. That poor little bit of snow. The sky is so beautiful with the water and the boats. Made for a really nice photo. I believe your photo is the waterfront in SW Washington, DC. That is a very pretty site. You have captured the beauty of the setting sun. Weather may be cold, but looking at that sky, warms the heart. I save a copy.

    February 9, 2016

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