Arena Stage

I finally ventured out to shoot something significant in the freezing sub-arctic conditions that I currently find myself living in (it was like 40F or 4.5C but felt colder I swear). So now that I live all of 5 minutes walk from a subway stop I climbed aboard and went into Washington DC to shoot the Southwest Water Front. Little did I know that the subway was a mess from planned construction and that the entire water front was torn up for construction but it was an adventure so I went with it.

The entire purpose of this trip was to test out my newly acquired Olympus 9-18mm (18-36mm equivalent) that I bought at a bargain price. Since the the subway station let me off near Arena Stage and I had the camera ready I went ahead and took some shots of the building because I thought it was cool. I figured why not test it on the building before the main event on the water. Rather happy I did.

The image was processed using Aurora HDR and then brought into Photoshop. My intent was to do it in monochrome but I once I finished my edits in Silver Efex I hit luminosity mask and was very pleased by the punch it added to the image and left it in color. A bit of a dodge and burn to various areas and I called it a day.


Arena Stage

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  1. Wow, the Arena Stage. I hardly recognize it. The Arena Stage has been a part of SW Washington since 1950. Over 60 years. I went there with friends in the early 60s. I do not remember what we saw. I have not been there in years. I know the waterfront is close. I really liked the waterfront. Nice restaurants, Venders selling all kinds of fresh fish, crabs, shrimp, etc. You had to like seafood because the smell was heavy seafood. I still say it was one of the best spots on earth for seafood purchase. Tons of people on a Sunday after church went there for good buys. The photographer stated the area was changing. I do hope he captures some of those changing. I enjoyed the photo.

  2. Like the shot; it’s a very unusual building! by the way, it’s not cold in D.C. šŸ™‚ Come to New England for a while and you’ll get used to some nice winter weather šŸ™‚