Floating Reflections

This was some small lake in Thailand I ran across as I was trying to make my way back to the highway. I saw the restaurant just floating there placidly and I liked the reflection coming off the water so I stopped and took a couple images.

One of the things I have learned to do on my travels is just wander and see where it leads me. I have a poor sense of direction to being with so I have used it to my advantage as I will stumble across interesting things to shoot as I try and find my way back to some place I know. When you have nothing but time its not a big deal to just wander around lost. In Thailand I can ask for basic directions in Thai and there is always Google Maps.


Floating Reflections

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  1. The mom said:

    I like the floating restaurant. It is really cute. That is a nice idea. I like the colorful top. I hope there were guest in it.

    February 7, 2016

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