Missing The Sun And The Sand

As I edited this picture I had spent the day walking in the pouring rain as I was making my way back home after having to go to DC in the morning. This is after being jammed into subway cars going to and from and dealing with mechanical delays with the subway system. I would rather be on shooting on a beach in Thailand as the sunset and know that the city you see in the distance has a cold beer and some spicy food waiting for me when I’m done.

I haven’t edited a true landscape for awhile and I went and did a HDR. I know most people like them and I do enjoy doing them. As I have struggled with normal pictures lately it was nice to do a HDR. Sometimes when you are stuck in a rut you need to change it up. I have had the same problem with HDR and I go normal so hopefully I’ll set to the next series I have in mind.


Missing The Sun and The Sand

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  1. THE MOM said:

    Love the photo! Photos of the beach with the beautiful painted sky and the reflections in the water. It is a place to sit and enjoy. The past two days in SW Florida, we have a high in the low 80s. Not perfect but more suited for the beach than we were having. Our snow birds were quick to get up early and head to the beach to get the best spot. Don’t think anyone got in the water, it is 63 degrees. We had very chilly, wet stormy month of January, this was a great break. Snow birds got a good day.

    February 4, 2016

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