Underground Adventures

Having recently gotten the Nexus 6P and no real interest in shooing anything with it. I had to go into Washington DC. Seeing how I live 7 minutes from a Metro stop I rode it and seemed an opportunity to test out the Nexus 6P. While I had my Olympus EM1 with a 50mm 1.4 if I would have attempted to use that I would have had a Metro staffer asking me not to. It’s easier to use a phone for pictures than trying to tell the staffer who is poorly educated by management that yes; I could use a camera to shoot anything provided I did not use a tripod (I looked up the regs).

One of the frustrating factors in editing photos from a phone, even these shot in RAW is that that sensor just can’t handle lowlight. You have to account for noise and then you are skirting the ragged edge of blowing out blacks or whites when you edit the image. There was no way I could leave them in color simply because the noise was so bad. I liked the images visually but technically I cringe. While I complain its still nice to have a phone in my pocket that I can lean on to shoot RAW when I need it.


Underground AdventuresUnderground AdventuresUnderground AdventuresUnderground AdventuresUnderground AdventuresUnderground Adventures

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  1. The photos are nice but not much excitement or elements of the photos that I like. If you think of what the subways is to so many who rely of it. The fast mode of transportation gets people from Washington, DC, Maryland and Virginia. Most of the subways are underground and the workmanship that went into stations and tunnels while the traffic rolls over their head.