A Slice of Orange

More building pics as I clear stuff out before heading back to Thailand images. The common theme is the orange color in each of these images. I found editing easier this time around because I just flowed with it. I do regret leaving the one color image I put in yesterday’s post and not saving it for today. Would have worked nicely.

The one thing of note is the last two images were shot on a phone. These were taken using my Nexus 6P which shoots RAW! So I have a DNG files to work with instead of jpg. This is very nice as I can now get quality images out of my phone. I use the Camera FV-5 app which supports RAW function on my phone and acts as a reasonable camera. I shot a whole series that looks decent before editing. So looking forward to working with the phone more.


A Slice of OrangeA Slice of OrangeA Slice of OrangeA Slice of OrangeA Slice of Orange

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  1. THE MOM said:

    The photos are interesting. I have never seem “orange” color appear on a building that was not orange. I do not like modern architecture. It has no soul. I believe with the touch of orange to the building, it still has no soul but it draws one in to question, how did the orange appear on the building? I asked the photographer that this morning. The answer was inconclusive on how the orange appeared. I enjoyed.

    February 2, 2016

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