Snowy Day At The Whitehouse

I took this when I was in DC for work. The office I had to go to is a couple blocks away from the Whitehouse so I figured I cut through the park and get some shots. Last time I was at the Whitehouse you could go all the way up to the iron gate. This time I was forced to stand across the street. I have no real idea why. DC is riddled with closed streets near government buildings. You get used to it and why natives avoid driving in the city as much as possible.


Snowy Day At The Whitehouse

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  1. THE MOM said:

    Very nice photo of the White in the snow. Too many people have gotten inside the fence and one inside the house. That is why you must stand so far back. The photo is good, would have liked some color in the sky but with all of the snow, sky was probably gray. I have never been in the White House. Have been in many other government building but would loved to have gotten a glimpse inside such a meaningful structure to America.

    January 31, 2016

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