Winter Sky

This is the view from my balcony that I see most nights. Well it would be if I was a 300mm lens and cropped to 16×9. My balcony faces to the West so I see all the sunsets when I’m home and now that I walk to work I have lots of time to see sunsets because I am usually home anymore. So when I saw the view I grabbed my tripod and put an Olympus EM1 and the 40-150 (80-300) lens on and snapped a few shots.

I merged in 3 images and ran it through the HDR software but did it subtle. Simple dodge and burn and happy enough with the result. I didn’t want to do too much editing since I had been doing series and they are time consumers.


Winter Sky

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1 Comment

  1. You have a very beautiful view in the evening from your balcony. I love it. I am a lover of skies and water. This one is a keeper for my viewer. Love the view.