It Snowed

It Snowed

I hate snow. I hate the cold. I think it sucks on a level that you would not believe. I try and avoid going out in the cold as much as humanly possible. So when the giant storm hit the East Coast of America I wasn’t overly inclined to go out into it for pictures. However, fate being a fickle mistress forced me to venture out into Washington, DC for work on a day we were closed due to weather. So I figured why not take a camera with me.

I didn’t go for the traditional snow shots. I think I pointed out I’m not that into cold weather to being with. So I went for stuff that had other visual elements in it. The theme being there was snow! Most of the images felt better in monochrome but a couple really felt better in color so I left them that way. Nothing fancy in post process. Just the usual dodge and burn.


PS – If you live in a warm climate and have romantic thoughts of snow go rub an ice cube on delicate parts of nether regions. Let me know if you still think its romantic. Snow is cold! It’s frozen water. Same as ice!

It SnowedIt SnowedIt SnowedIt SnowedIt SnowedIt SnowedIt SnowedIt Snowed


3 thoughts on “It Snowed”

  1. The snow photos are cute. I like the “Fall” look of the one tree. The contrast of the colorful leaves and the very white snow. Very nice. I think my favorite is the very large tree with the snow nesting in the curves of the limps. That is one mighty looking tree in the city.

  2. Im in England so I know about cold! Not as cold as that where I am, generally it just rains and is cold. Great pictures though, I like the tree and leaves against the snow.

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