Thai Motorbikes – Part 1

There is nothing more that identifies to me that I have landed in Thailand than the Thai motorbike. Here is America we would call them scooters or mopeds. I just know in Thailand that you just say motorbike or bike and everyone assumes you are talking about a scooter.

If I was going to talk about the editing process I would call it an exercise in agony. I have carpal tunnel from too many years working in IT and playing first person shooters. So I tend to avoid long editing bouts unless I am getting paid for a job that I owe on a short turn around. I started editing these images and the next thing I know I am over 20 images deep and wrist and hand killing me. Still, overall I am happy with how the images came out.



One thought on “Thai Motorbikes – Part 1”

  1. The photos are fun. I guess the motorbike, as Thai’s call them are their mode of transportation like our cars. They seem to made their motorbikes accomplish as much as we do with our cars. I enjoyed the photos.

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