Point On The Beach

The snow has stopped but it will be around for some time. The area I am in got hit with 2 feet or around .6 meters. For inquiring minds, hell no I haven’t been out. It’s cold and I’m delicate. Since its still cold I went ahead and did another beach picture from Thailand. This was shot on Pattaya Beach just down from the Dolphin roundabout where Beach Road begins.


This was shot on my Ricoh GR which I recently sold. I found myself using it less and my Sony RX100M3 more. There was nothing wrong with the camera and I really think its a powerful camera but I just was using it less. Hopefully it will find a new home with someone that will use it as the photography powerhouse that it is.



One thought on “Point On The Beach”

  1. I like your beach shot. Although it isn’t the prettiest piece of beach as in other shots. The wind looks like it has kicked up the waves a bit. The water does invite one to come on in on a very hot day.

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