Green Tranquility

This was shot at the Chinese temple in Pratumnak Hill. The local Thai temple gets all the attraction but the Chinese Temple is really the one worth the visit. If you are curious and in Pattaya I recommend asking to visit the temple on Pratumnak Hill and then say stop at the Chinese temple. In Thai Chinese is Jinn. While I can read Thai I am barely conversational so when you see the road leading to the left just say, “Pum ya yuy tini. Tinie Jin mai?”, which mean, ‘I want o to stop here. This here is Chinese yes?’.

I have shot a similar image with my Canon point and shoot but this time I used my Sony RX100M3. So I could push the pixels a bit more than the last time.

I do highly recommend a visit to the temple. Most Thai people know Big Buddha.




  1. THE MOM said:

    I like the photo. The area is very serene. I would think the tour of this facility would be very nice. I need to rephrase my difference on the Buddha’s. The Buddha that most of us know, is the Big Buddha not the fat Buddha, which I stated in an earlier writing.

    January 22, 2016

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