Framed View

I wanted to do a beach type image. As I write this and look out my window I can see it snowing and the worst part sticking to the road. Not something I am fond of preferring warmer weather to cold. My theory is if its hot you can always go into aircon. With cold weather you have to bundle up and wear layers. Hot weather shorts and a t-shirt along with some sandals and good to go.

I finally settled on this image after attempting a bunch of others. I remember taking it thinking it would be cool and it proved correct. You can see mostly tourists or expats but there are a couple of Thai’s just sitting there looking out on the Gulf of Thailand.


Framed View

One thought on “Framed View”

  1. The photo is nice. No matter who the people are, they are enjoying the breeze coming off the Gulf. The sky is pretty and the Palm trees are pretty thin looking but that could be the kind they are. We have several types of Palms in Florida. I prefer deciduous trees. Palm trees are so full of ants and always need pruning. They are messy. The thing that fascinates me the most in the photo is the string of lights on the beach or bank. Seems out of place but maybe they are not as close to the water as they appear.

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