Thai Worship – Part I

Returning to Thailand today with various images I shot in the temples I visited. These were shot over the entire period of my 6 weeks in Thailand using either my Sony RX100M3 or my Sony A7R.

Interesting note on why I did a series that will span two days. I was going to go out and do some shooting but the weather has turned cold here in the DC area. I hate the cold with a passion. While I planned on doing an inside shoot I just could not be bothered. So the compromise was doing a series of 14 images. It took around 2 hours so I call it a fair trade.


Thai WorshipDSC03647Thai WorshipThai WorshipThai WorshipThai WorshipThai Worship

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  1. THE MOM said:

    I like the photos. So many different Buddha’s. I am sure the Thailand people know why so different and many. One question, are these statues built by the same people that builds the temples? Or are these statues purchased? I think the last photo is very pretty but I do not know why so many faces of Buddha?

    January 19, 2016

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