Empty Spaces

This may be a bit too abstract and a bit of a departure from the normal landscape stuff but I liked how the images came out.These are all from main entrance into Glen Echo Park. I just liked the empty feeling you get from these images. It gives the illusion that there was no one around. I can attest, there were people around. I just got lucky that no one walked into my shots.

I did not use HDR to process these images. Instead I composited 3 images that I normally use for HDR but used my workflow of single images to create flat files for all 3 of the images. I still had an exposure bias of +2 or -2 along with a correctly exposed image. I then used Photoshop to align and merge the images and then blend the images. From there I had a very detailed file to work. So from there the usual workflow of using a curves layer to add contrast to it. Then dodge and burn depending on what I wanted. I always do this in Lab Mode so I do not affect the color of the image. Once I have that if I want gradient I will bring up Camera Raw and put one in. I tend to like Macphun’s Intensify CK to bring out some details. I’ll then mask in the bits I want. Then its minor tweaking and then a quick round of sharpening.





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  1. THE MOM said:

    I like your photos. Glenn Echo is just not the fun place I remember as a child. The structure above reminds me of the entrance to the fun house. It had mirrors that made you look funny. Floors that would move, just silly things that would frighten you and make you giggle.

    January 18, 2016

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