Neon At Glen Echo Park

I have shot this sign before. I figured why not try it again with the Sony A7R and at night with a tripod. Now that I live all of 5 minutes away from the park this wasn’t much of an effort to go there and get setup for some shots.

I admit to having a bit of a problem for the first time shooting with the A7R since it was my first time at night. When you do landscape work you really want the camera in in Evaluative of Center Weighted modes. This was a bit of a learning curve I discovered while I was in Thailand and shooting landscape with it because I was having funky light readings with my normal spot meter. When shooting with a tripod it makes it difficult to lock on a spot for metering; AEL lock and then adjust the camera. So I finally said screw it and switched to Evaluative and went on with life. I was doing mostly day shots anyways. With me shooting at night this posed a problem because I was getting funky light readings with Evaluative and was constantly switching between Center Weighted and Spot Metering to get something that was acceptable.

I also suspect part of the problem is I use adapted Alpha lenses with a LA-EA4 adapter and the auto focus can get really picky. So there was a lot of hunting for focus by moving the camera until it locked focus. I’m hoping in the near future to get the native Sony FE 24-240 lens to ditch the adapted lenses except for some more specialized lenses.

This is a HDR image but I lean towards subtly anymore. Did a Intensify CK to bring out some of the metal holding up the sign and bring the building slightly out of the shadows. Then mask it in to where I wanted with a wee bit of dodging and burning to give the image some depth.



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  1. THE MOM said:

    I have fond memories of Glenn Echo from my childhood. It used to be this great amusement park and my dad and mom would take us for a day at the park right before school began. My favorite parts of the park was the laughing lady that read your fortune and the Merry Go Round. I still love the Merry Go Round. I have not been to Glenn Echo since it closed its doors many years ago as a sign of the times. It is a shame, it was the best and only amusement park, that I know of, that was in the DC in the 50’s. I saved a copy for my viewer and memories.

    January 14, 2016

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